Some common symptoms of an alarm system that needs improvement are:

  • Minor process disturbances that produce a large amount of alarms
  • Routine operations that produce a large number of alarms with no action required
  • Alarm texts are not understandable and offers little help
  • A large number of high priority alarms occur
  • Major process disturbances that produce alarm flooding

Do you need to take action?

Investigations of serious incidents by the Petroleum Safety Authorities confirm that complex and safety-critical activities still depend on human actions, as a central precondition for good decisions, safe operations, and handling of nonconformities.

Eldor Alarm Management approach

Eldor has established a documented alarm management improvement process. This is a proven practical process in use, consisting of the following steps:

Alarm System

  • Study and report of current alarm systems performance
  • Establish performance targets based on best practice
  • Establish philosophies and specifications

Alarm System

  • Alarm cleaning (rationalisation) workshops with technicians and operators
  • Development of alarm response manual
  • Prepare job packs for implementation into SAS
  • Implementation into control system
  • Training
  • Issue final report documenting the resultant alarm system performance

Alarm System

  • Regular alarm system health checks
  • Training of new personnel and new projects
  • Design review of major modification projects
  • Management of change for alarm system