Eldor consulting services cover all white Disciplines within our expertise (Instrument, Automation, Telecommunication, Integrated Operations and IT), from Feed and Feasibility Studies to Detailed Engineering and commissioning. We also cover Management including HSE, Planning, and Cost control, in everything from small to large international multidisciplinary projects. In addition to our own staff, Eldor has developed a network of skilled project engineers that we offer to the O&G market.

Automation and Instrumentation

Eldor has a team of experienced SAS engineers that are currently working in a wide variety of projects at the customer site, through our consultancy services.

Alarm Management

One of Eldor’s service fields is the Alarm Management service. We have a team of senior alarm management engineers with competence to handle excessively challenging projects. This includes a combination of both new and older versions of Alarm Systems. We cover everything from alarm philosophies to development of automated alarm handling software, such as the AlarmTracker.

Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering

Our engineers lead the way from concepts to detailed designs in telecommunication and electrical engineering projects. Common deliveries range from cable schedules, data flow diagrams, general arrangements, interconnection diagrams to installation procedures & specifications.

Project Management

We help to drive projects with our delivery model and senior engineers specialising in change management, interface management, project lead and project management.