Eldor has extensive experience with state-of-the-art control rooms, where Integrated Operations are taken to the next level of Onshore Control. We have designed the first Onshore Control room where the main control takes place onshore, and the offshore control room design is mirrored from the onshore design. We have established collaboration between onshore and offshore teams based on automation, telecommunication, real time data, voice and video system, and design, and made sure that all needs are met through workshops and continuous cross-discipline cooperation.

onshoreoffshoreEldor supports our clients through a set of services for designing and building collaborative work environments and processes, capturing drilling and production real time data, visualization of large and complex data structures, and consulting on how to improve work processes to reflect the new opportunities from these solutions. Eldor has world class expertise with establishing Integrated Operation Environments with secure infrastructure, right organisation with Roles & Responsibilities, to take real-time decisions and support for operations.

Eldor is ISO 9001 certified and has established a documented delivery process of Operation Centre in line with the ISO 11064 standard and national standards covering HSE and engineering, as a basis for the solutions delivered to our clients. This implies that a documented delivery model is used in order to ensure a well-documented project, in line with client specifications and regulatory requirements.
Eldor staff are used to working in projects set up with a combination of staff from the client, technology vendors, and other engineering and consulting companies. This ensures that all aspects of a solution are taken into account when the final solution and specification is designed.

improved-operetions-managementEldor employs a number of cross competence personnel ranging from design, oil & gas production experience, analysts, engineering, stakeholder management, building facilities, Audio & Visual, telecommunication, and information technology. This mix of competence is used to build new solutions for our customers. An example of this is combining IT, AV and Telecom to construct new user interfaces for operators and vendors, in order to remove barriers for excellent communication and control. Combined with the power of real time information this defines the next generation of the way of working for the oil & gas community.