Eldor helps operators increase production through improved operations and cost reductions. We do this by extending the lifetime of their technical systems, using our expertise within Control room, Improved operations, Control systems and Telecom.

lifetime-2Eldor has been through many successful projects and our experienced staff has developed its own way of doing life cycle analyses and projects.
A challenge on the Norwegian and British continental shelf is that many of the fields have significantly longer lifetime than they were planned for. This causes the need to update the systems due to obsolete parts or need for new functionality. In particular Control and Telecom system have become more and more complicated because almost everything is connected to these systems. Because of this, the complexity of these projects often turn out larger than the original plans indicate.

Obsolescence often has the strategy to replace the entire system, with the inconvenience of large costs and high risks.

This can be solved in a lot of ways and it is often not necessary to replace the entire system. Instead, we like to replace parts of the system and keep the replaced parts as spares.