shaking-handsOur PMC assignments help our clients in the full range of project activities, from a conceptual and feed phase, to the management and undertaking of all aspects of a project (Automation, Telecom & Instrument), as well as with modifications- and upgrading projects.

Doing PMC service the ELDOR way, ensures that our customers can manage their project risks in a proactive way, and achieve their business objectives at the lowest cost.

Our experiences are typically within a particular product/system being used or specific expertise (i.e. ABB equipment, Control system, F&G Systems, Alarm projects & services i.e.).

keyKey success elements:

  • Early start => cooperation
  • Highly skilled professionals
  • Early user involvement

Eldor helps customers staff their project on behalf of the client or as part of an integrated management team with the client. ELDOR’s PMC Service applies our best practices in working processes, as well as management and discipline skills that we have developed during projects that are now completed.