Industry studies show that industrial plants lose between 3-8 % of their production profit due to unplanned upsets or abnormal events, and that more than 50% of these incidents are due to a lack of situational awareness. (Source: ASM Consortium).

The AlarmTracker dynamically generates and proposes counter-action plans to the operator for all unplanned upsets or abnormal events, while at the same time displaying the root cause and future consequences of the situation.

The AlarmTracker can increase production output by 5%, while it can reduce flaring and increase safety, because it lets you:

  • Understand all situations with reduced time to action (Situational awareness).
  • Deal with the cause(s)of the abnormal situation. Not only the alarms/symptoms (Root Cause).
  • Develop scenarios from the abnormal situation shown directly (Consequences).
  • Take the recommended action to get back to the normal situation (Counter Action Planning).
  • Deal with the upsets up-front.

before they lead to shutdown or an incident (Decision Support).

AlarmTracker is a system that through state-of-the-art visualisation, modeling, and algorithms gives the operator superior decision-support for immediate counteractions on abnormal events.


For further information please contact:

Bjarne André Asheim
Managing Director of Eldor Technology
(+47) 952 91 478