Rewind reality and investigate what happened

LogAll monitoring of remote activities

Offshore authorized personnel may monitor and replay activities performed on platform systems from the shore.

LogAll used for analysis of near misses

Voice and Screen activities during operation is stored 24 hrs (or more) for authorized playback during investigation.

Logall used for learning after training

Voice and screen activities during emergency training is stored for immediate authorised playback during de-briefing.

LogAll time machine

Playback station of screen and audio.

  • Hardware key-lock Select sources
  • Playback typically 4 speakers and 2 additional screens for 8 simultaneous screen-playbacks
  • Scalable for more screens
  • May be expanded after accident for better reproduction
  • Export to a movie file for document investigations

Most of the major oil companies in Norway are investigating the concept of e-Operation.

Fiber-optic cables have given a high bandwidth off-shore to shore. This is being used to further optimise and improve the operation. Offshore control rooms will be given support from operation support centers located both in-house at the oil companies and even sometimes located at equipment suppliers. This is a challenge to the existing work processes and may also be a safety risk. The challenge is similar to an air-traffic control center where the log and replay is regarded as vital for safe operation.

Possible uses:

  • Emergency response rooms
  • Integrated operation rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Safety organization after near accident / accident
  • Analysis of sequence of event
  • Shutdown investigating committee


  • Training prevents future hasardous situations
  • Replay of synchronised audio, CCTV and Operator screens
  • Log and replay different locations for synchronised playback
  • Save time and increase quality when analysing incidents

LogAll Flyer

For further information please contact:

Bjarné Andre Asheim
Managing Director of Eldor Technology
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