Torbjørn Rørtvedt

Torbjørn is a Department Manager in Eldor with responsibility for Digitalisation which includes Remote Operations, Human Factors & Telecom. He has experience from several large offshore- and onshore oil and gas projects since 2009, where he's been keeping both technical and commercial roles. Torbjørns key qualifications include engineering management, technical advisory and project management for telecom, integrated operations, and industrial IT disciplines. Torbjørn holds an M.B.A. in Technology Management and a B.Sc in Telecommunications Technology. He is also a certified Telecoms Technician.

Stories by Torbjørn


What are the industry trends in cyber security?

Digitalisation has increased the need for cyber security awareness in the past few years. How are the trends linked to the threats and what we can do...

Remote Operation

Do I have a cyber security problem?

Do you know what will happen to your installation if you face a cyber attack? Are you sure you will notice if your company has been attacked?

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