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New name: KAIROS - Control Room Assistant

08.03.19 15:08 / by Bernt Eldor posted in AlarmTracker, Kairos


Finally, we have decided on the new name for the product previously known as AlarmTracker.



Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. (Kairos also means weather in Modern Greek.) It’s the difference between a minute (kronos) and a moment (kairos). Kairos is the idea of timing which relates an event or a state to a situational context.


Our development project was given the name AlarmTracker based on our initial idea of tracking the root cause of alarms. This has often been misunderstood as being yet another alarm management tool.

KAIROS offers so much more. The technology embedded in our KAIROS products combines deter-ministic modelling with deviation propagation analysis and artificial intelligence. The model utilises human experience along with the plant design parameters, and effectively captures and makes explicit and tacit knowledge available.

With live plant data as evidence, the model presents a real time HAZOP to the control room operators for better decision-making, which reduces losses and avoids shut- downs.

The result is an increased production output by 5%, with reduced flaring and increased safety.

  • Cause
  • Consequence
  • Counteraction

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Eldor ONS 2018 week and NorTex workshop.

06.09.18 14:33 / by Bernt Eldor posted in AlarmTracker, Digitalisation


ONS 2018

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Eldor Technology is at ONS Innovation Park!

28.08.18 13:37 / by Ida Eldor posted in AlarmTracker, ONS


Eldor Technology is currently at ONS to promote AlarmTracker. You can find us at the ONS Innovation Park with the Norwegian Research Council in Hall 8. We are showing a demo for AlarmTracker, and we are looking forward to meeting you and providing you with any additional information or answers to questions that you might have about AlarmTracker. The product is under development and the first commercial product will be available in the summer of 2019. We are very happy that we get to show off the product demo at ONS this week!

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Meet Eldor at ONS Technical Sessions!

21.08.18 07:08 / by Ida Eldor posted in AlarmTracker, ONS



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Eldor visits Yara – Developing the first onshore scenario for AlarmTracker

03.07.18 09:07 / by Ove Heitmann Hansen posted in AlarmTracker, Yara, Land-based, Digitalisation


As a part of the development of AlarmTracker, the Reference User Group (RUG) was challenged to develop an onshore scenario. Yara immediately responded by inviting Eldor to their Ammonia plant in Porsgrunn. With many interesting cases to choose among, the AlarmTracker developers was invited to a tour around the plant in order to better understand the complexity of producing Ammonia.

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Are you our next Senior Process Engineer?

01.06.18 09:30 / by Bjarne André Asheim posted in AlarmTracker


Eldor Technology AS is a startup company in the Eldor Group that develops innovative and disruptive technology within the oil & gas business segment. Our first product, AlarmTracker, is a software solution for increased oil production by means of real time situational awareness and decision support.

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Slik vil Eldor bruke kunstig intelligens til å styre oljeproduksjonen

08.01.18 08:00 / by Glenn Stangeland posted in AlarmTracker


Fra den 08-01-2018:


Stavanger-selskapet Eldor deltar nå i et internasjonalt utviklingsprosjekt der målet er å bruke kunstig intelligens for å styre produksjonen av olje og gass mer effektivt.

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