Eldor is an engineering company situated in Stavanger and Aberdeen, the oil capitals of Norway and the UK. Eldor is focused on providing world class expertise to the O&G Industries for the following fields:

  • Control Room and Improved Operations
  • Control and Safety Systems & Alarm Management
  • Telecommunication and Industrial IT

Eldor is one of the leading companies in alarm management, and provides services for modifications and improved operations, to oil, service and engineering companies.

Eldor is proud of designing state of the art control rooms, where the control is taken onshore in further extent.

Delivery models

We take full responsibility and can deliver in the form of complete EPC projects. We are familiar with different delivering/working models, both on our own or together with the system vendor:

  • EPC deliveries
  • Management contracts
  • Studies
  • Consultants

Company Flyer

Eldor in the frontline

Eldor is working on developing a state of the art technology to carry out upgrades and change out devices without stopping production. With this innovation, around 20% – 30% of expenses can be saved for many of the biggest upgrade projects taken on by the oil and gas sector.

For more information see this article in the Automatisering Magazine.

Onshore control

Eldor took on the task of turning a standard office building into a control room host for the Martin Linge field, where the control is taken onshore in greater extent than ever before. A full scale mock-up of the control room was build in the Eldor office. This allowed Total to do a best practice and realistic CRIOP, and to capture things that should be corrected before the design of the real control room was frozen.

For more information see this article in the Automatisering Magazine.