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We aim to maximise the value of your production facility and infrastructure: Extend Lifetime. Stable Water Quality. Improve Safety. Reduce Costs.

Optimise production in energy industry. extend lifetime, improve safety, reduce costs, control systems, ICSS
Our expertise

Alarm System Improvement 

Everyone wants to avoid incidents, accidents and other interruptions of the production. Poor Alarm Management may lead to 3-5 % loss of production.

Control & Safety Systems 

The components in a control and safety system has an expected lifetime from 5 to 25 years. After a few years of production, you'll need a solid approach for obsolete components and systems.

Control Room & Remote Operation 

In most offshore and land-based production, there is a great potential to apply digital technologies and work-processes to improve efficiency, integrity, environmental impact and safety.

Process Optimisation 

A typical yield from optimising the process regulation system usually results in an increase in production throughput of 2-5% and increases the production yield by 5-10%.

Water Quality Management 

A water treatment facility has multiple machines to clean water. Water quality is accurately modelled and calculated with a patented centralised sensor system. Stable water quality gives a optimised production with less risk.


What our customers say

"Upgrading Control and Safety Systems are always challenging. Eldor delivered this job on time and below budget with no impact to operation. Impressive!"

"In this project, Integrated Operations are taken to the next level of Onshore Control, with the design of the first Onshore Control room where the main control takes place onshore."


In this project, Integrated Operations are taken to the next level of Onshore Control, with the design of the first Onshore Control room where the main control takes place onshore. The offshore control room will be mirrored from the onshore design. Originally ordered by Total E&P Norge AS, the project is now owned by Equinor.


Interface and design coordination between HF, architect, and technical disciplines in the different environments accordingly is important to be able to meet these requirements.

Creating a work environment that contributed to efficient and safe operation, and takes human possibilities, needs, and limitations in consideration.
  • Human-centred design approach according to ISO 11064, NORSOK, and other relevant regulations and standards.
  • Human factor program and plan for Martin Linge Onshore Control Suite (clarifying goals and background requirements).
  • Detailed Layout of Onshore Operation Centre including detail layout of Central Control Room.

The Alarm System did not meet performance requirements according to client governing documents. Deviation observed by PSA and advised to comply according to client performance requirements.


The purpose of the project was to improve work environment and meet governing regulations. The reduction of alarms was significant.


The project handled:

  • Approximately 42.000 alarms
  • New object for segregating maintenance warnings on gas detectors
  • Removal of future wells alarms
  • Alarms that did not have an object in displays, 497 HMI references
  • Reduced ESD alarm rush
  • Dynamic alarm handling
  • Changed 6000 system alarm texts and priority 

Eldor provides general service support for the ICSS, PLC's and Telecommunications systems installed on Kraken FPSO, with the objective to reduce the technical and commercial risk to the facility and help ensure asset integrity through year-on-year operation.

  • Service Desk - Provide an onshore 24/7/365 emergency telephone support & call-out facility
  • Operating System & Anti-Virus patch management
  • Back-up system management and testing of back-up on ICSS and PLC's
  • Offshore Support - Back-to-back support
  • Lifecycle Management Support
  • Host and Maintenance of reference/ Training System
  • All immediate first line production and development issues.
  • Daily routine, critical, corrective and preventative maintenance activities as required.
  • Minor modifications to the ICSS and system PLC's ensuring alignment with formal change control procedures.
  • Immediate IT/Cyber Security reviews and actions
  • Provision of hands-on training for site personnel

What is the cost of an Alarm Improvement project?


Get the guide to creating an Alarm Philosophy

This guide will tell you what should be included in an alarm philosophy, in order to ensure that the alarm system supports the operation of the asset when it comes to: 

  • Safety, health, and environmental issues 
  • Reliability 
  • Product quality 
  • Production rate and efficiency

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