Digitalisation with a Life-time Perspective

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Control Room & Remote Operation

In most offshore and land-based production, there is a great potential to apply digital technologies and work-processes to improve efficiency, integrity, environmental impact and safety.

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Telecom & Industrial IT

Digital transformation requires cutting-edge solutions for telecommunication and industrial IT. Amongst the most demaning projects, you will find remote operation and lifetime extension.

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Total E&P: Martin Linge

In this project, Integrated Operations are taken to the next level of Onshore Control, with the design of the first Onshore Control room where the main control takes place onshore.

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Total E&P Norge AS

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Alarm System Improvement

Everyone wants to avoid incidents, accidents and other interruptions of the production. Poor Alarm Management may lead to 3-5 % loss of production.

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Control & Safety Systems

The components in a control and safety system has an expected lifetime from 5 to 25 years. After a few years of production,  you'll need a solid approach for obsolete components and systems. 

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Aker BP: Ula

- Upgrading Control and Safety Systems are always challenging. Eldor delivered this job on time and below budget with no impact to operation. Impressive!

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Ella Kaliszuk BP Ula/Tambar Area Operations Manager