Control Room and Remote Operation by Eldor

Eldor was started by passionate engineers with extensive experience within system engineering of automation, telecommunication, instrumentation and operation centers, namely: Bernt Eldor and Jørund Sæten.

We operate mainly in the oil and gas market, and have offices in Norway and in the UK. We are experts in the interface between engineering and production of automation and telecommunication systems, as well as with integrated operations.

Few other contractors cover this specialised expertise. Eldor can help avoid unnecessary time and cost spent with the correct quality of deliveries.

Over the years, Eldor has evolved and our capacity to envisage future ways of operations, the utilization of new technology, and the management of change in people, have led us to adjust our vision for the future: 

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We understand the impact of changes in the field throughout the whole chain of automation, right up to the top systems, including remote operations. Our expertise covers the entire system from the field instruments to data on the desktop.

Eldor provides services and engineers that help companies understand and implement integrated operations. Our experts have experience in change management and as such we are ideal partners in the delivery of strategic integrated collaborative centres and control rooms.

We see the users’ needs and know the various system elements in the technology. We resolve problems timely, and quickly respond to new needs. Our processes manage the interfaces between the different project phases and the contractors efficiently.

Our Values

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Give us a call or drop a message:

Ove Heitmann Hansen_Eldor

Ove Heitmann Hansen

Managing Director, Eldor Holding

  • Managing director
  • Change management and integrated operations expertise
  • Remote control and improvement process specialist

+47 917 87 024  or  ove-heitmann.hansen(a)

Ove Heitmann Hansen's background:

Ove is the managing director of Eldor AS and Eldor Holding AS. He has extensive management experience from different industries, including 25 years of experience within change management, integrated operations, remote control, and improvement processes.

Ove started his career in the Navy, before continuing as a researcher at the University in Stavanger, and as a Senior consultant in IBM, until he was appointed CEO of Eldor AS in 2011. Ove is educated from the Naval Academy, and additionally holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Informatics, a Master’s degree in Industrial Economics, and a Master’s degree in Change Management.

Let's get into details

What type of clients does Eldor work with?

Eldor has in-depth experience from offshore industries. However, we utilise this expertise for land-based projects as well. Please have a look at our list of reference projects:

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What type of delivery models are available?

Eldor takes full responsibility for our tasks and can adapt to any need our customers should have, for getting the most out of our services. If you need 20 hours help to review a document or a complete system delivery were we take full responsibility and risk.

Please take a look at Eldor's Lean Delivery Model:

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How can I get a career in Eldor?

If you are interested in a career in Eldor, you can check out our careers page for information on how to send a general application or for currently open positions. 

Please take a look at our open positions: 

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Who are Eldor's partners?

If you are interested in who Eldor cooperates with, you can check out our partner page for information on what type of partnership agreements we have and with whom.


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