About Eldor

Our vision is passion for better ways.

We go deeper into details within technology, digital solutions, engineering and operation in order to improve production efficiency.

Our story

We operate mainly in the energy industry, and have offices in Norway and in the UK. We are experts in the interface between engineering and production of automation and telecommunication systems, as well as with integrated operations.

Few other contractors cover this specialised expertise. Eldor can help avoid unnecessary time and cost spent with the correct quality of deliveries.

Over the years, Eldor has evolved and with it our capacity to envision future ways of operations, the utilisation of new technology, and the management of change in people.



Eldor was started by passionate engineers with extensive experience within system engineering of automation, telecommunication, instrumentation and operation centers, namely: Bernt Eldor and Jørund Sæten.


Eldor Technology (now Kairos Technology) was created to develop the software Control Room Assistant (formerly AlarmTracker).


Eldor UK Ltd. was created in Aberdeen.


The Eldor Group acquired Blue Unit A/S, a Danish company specialising in water quality management. 

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Experience and expertise

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Eldor's extensive register of case studies and previous projects.