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Control Room and Remote Operation by Eldor,  Future of the oil and gas industry

Remote Control and use of an Onshore Operation Center will give numerous benefits and will simplify the way to operate your plant. A human-centered design, taking all elements within PPTO (People, Processes, Technology and Organisation) into account, will ensure you get a "fit for purpose" Control Center, tailored for your needs.


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The great opportunity for remote operation

In most offshore and onshore production facilities, there is a great potential to apply digital technologies and work processes to increase production efficiency and plant integrity, while minimising environmental impact and improving the safety of the people involved.

To achieve this, an optimum design of the operational environment with respect to human factors, task analysis, and technology is required.

Operation support centers are used for process and maintenance optimisation, in addition to supporting operation. The design needs to reflect people, processes, organisation and technology.


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Remote control rooms and operation centres

Our delivery model for remote and integrated operations covers all aspects of the establishment of operation centers and remote control rooms.

The model is based on ISO 11064 and has been proven in-use for several projects.

Control room and remote operation


Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Suite

Forge SMX (Secure Media Exchange):

SMX is the cyber security solution that organisations use to address threats being introduced by USB. In 2020 alone, 19% of attacks observed have been designed to be introduced by USB and 59% of those attacks were found to have the ability to disrupt control/view of the industrial control environment. 

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Are you considering a new project?

Eldor's delivery model spans from being a digitalisation partner to providing a full EPCI delivery of remote operations and a remote control center. 

  • The client may choose how we fit into their project model from adding capacity to taking on the full responsibility for delivery and approval from authorities.
  • For a greenfield project, we recommend to start with developing an operations and maintenance philosophy, and build on business cases.
  • For a brownfield project, a human factors and task analysis may be a good starting point. 

Going from local to remote operation of offshore installations using digitalisation


Talk to an Eldor specialist:


Torbjørn Rørtvedt

Department Manager, Digitalisation

  • Client liaison
  • Lead engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Technology management and Telecommunication technology

 +47 928 36 707 or torbjorn.rortvedt(a)

Torbjørn Rørtvedt's background:

Torbjørn is a Department Manager in Eldor with responsibility for Digitalisation, which includes Remote Operations, Human Factors & Telecom. He has experience from several large offshore- and onshore oil and gas projects, where he's been keeping both technical and commercial roles since 2009.
Torbjørn's key qualifications include engineering management, technical advisory and project management for telecom, integrated operations, and industrial IT disciplines. Torbjørn holds an M.B.A. in Technology Management and a B.Sc in Telecommunications Technology. He is also a certified Telecoms Technician.


Grethe Tausvik

Human Factors & HMI Lead

 +47 959 29 265 or grethe.tausvik(a)

Grethe Tausvik's background:

Grethe is a Human Factors and HMI specialist working in the Digitalisation department, which includes Remote and Integrated Operations. She has extensive experience from both offshore and onshore industries since 1986, with focus on Human Factors and HMI in control centers, including Alarm management and Large Screen Display systems. She also has experience from project and team management within her subject areas.

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