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How can I optimise data throughput for an 800xA RTA Board?

In order to take full advantage of the Advant Master for 800xA data subscription framework, special care is required when configuring the system. Failure to comply with the rules properly may lead to poor performance or worse.

To optimize the throughput over the MB300 RTA Board certain rules needs to be applied by the applications and clients that subscribe and write to data located in Advant/Master controllers.

To boost performance over the MB300 RTA Board:

• Subscribe cyclically, and only using the 1, 3 and 9 second cyclic rates.

• Do not subscribe to items that cannot be fed cyclically by the controllers.

• Use TTD logs rather than plain OPC item subscriptions in Basic History.

• Avoid overriding the default UpdateRate (which is zero, 0) in Process Graphics.

• Do not write to controller objects other than of the MB300 DAT object type

• Logging operator actions with Audit Trail will decrease write performance significantly.

• Do not read recent History values too frequent when the log’s data source is TTD

• Monitor the system load and channel utilization with the ANPER tool.

• Search for system messages from the MB300 RTA Board and controller nodes.