What are the different support levels?

The Eldor support desk operates with four different support levels, what is the difference?

L1 – First Line Support: On-site engineers, telephone servicedesk

This support level receives requests through channels like phone, web forms, email or chat, based on the documented agreement with the Client. L1 support typically includes individuals that have limited expert knowledge. L1 support logs, categories, priorities and routes incidents reported by users.

L2 – Second Line Support

These technicians have more experience than L1 support technicians and manage incidents raised by the L1s or as agreed in documented SLA (Service Level Agreement) timelines. L2 technicians follow documented processes and workflows. They are expected to escalate to the L3’s when documentation is insufficient to complete the tasks or do not solve the incident.

L3 – Third Line Support

L3 technical experts resolve issues that are typically difficult or subtle. L3 support may be supplied from channel partner support organisations from ABB control products or Honeywell advanced solutions.

L4 – Product Support

L4 support refers to product or support and often involves channel partners product architects, engineers, software developers, hardware designers and the like. When all other levels of support cannot solve a problem, a request is made to this level of support – usually managed by the L3 support technician or through special project/program management resources. These escalations can often involve product bugs, detailed configuration requirements, or other expert level guidance.