Human Factors in control centre design and Human Machine Interface 

Human factors is a multi-discipline activity that aims to optimise the interaction between humans and technology in organisations.


Human factors - human machine interface - HF/HMI

The Eldor way to human factors

By drawing on tools and methods from technology, design, ergonomics, and psychology, human factors aim to make systems improve operational excellence, which increases both safety and productivity, while providing a good user experience.

Eldor's Human Factors experts use updated knowledge and best practices in combination with experience from different projects. At the same time, Eldor emphasise a pragmatic approach to human factors, ensuring that all activities have a clear goal with a usable end-result that is easy for the customer to move forward with.

Our method is based on ISO11064, a widely known and established method for design of control centres.


Our services

Design of control room and control centres

Are you going from local to remote operation? Getting more and more systems and tasks? Going from single to multi-field? Is it time to look at the control centre as a whole experience for the operators rather than bits and pieces?

Many control centres have expanded over the years and with each update more equipment and screens have been installed. This can eventually lead to a cluttered control centre, which increases the demands of the operators, as well as the risk for error.

Eldor can help with design, redesign, or retrofit of control rooms and centres, taking users, organisation, and technology into account. In addition to our Human Factors methods, we also draw on a highly skilled Eldor workforce on technological solutions and organisational matters such as development, strategies, and changes.

Eldor will ensure that you get a control centre that provides an excellent user experience with increased safety and productivity. Further, our goal is to design control centres that gives an added value for the organisation as a whole – making information and projections more available, securing communication, and designing for better collaboration between all the different actors involved in planning, administration, production, operation, and maintenance.


As part of control centre design Eldor offers 3D-modelling of the control centre. Our experience shows that a 3D-model will save time in projects as all involved parties can see the alternatives that are discussed.

Remote and Multifield operations

Eldor has experience from both Remote and Multifield operations, onshore and offshore. We are familiar with the processes of organising and re-organising control rooms and control centres to enable new ways of working and operating plants or fields, multifield, multiplant and remote control.

To ensure operational excellence, a good work environment, and satisfied users, it's important to capture and consider all aspects that have an impact on the daily operations. We ensure this by utilising Human Factor methods and analyses, which is the basis for further development.


We also lean on our in-house expertise on remote access, control systems, cyber security, and alarm systems.

Human machine interface/user interface

In today's control centres there is a variety of systems and user interfaces. Eldor's take on HMI does not only cover the traditional control systems, but we have a holistic approach that includes all systems that the users interact with.

In Eldor, we have highly competent and experienced engineers and designers who have deep knowledge of control systems, front- and backend. Our knowlege of process and safety systems in various industries such as oil & gas, metal, chemicals, and wind energy is an additional advantage at Eldor. We will also assist on user interface for other systems in the control center.

In our HMI development we focus on user tasks and functions, using established Human  Factors and UX/UI methods and work processes.

Further, drawing on knowledge from design and psychology, we aim to present the information in the best way for the user: Where do they need what type of information? How should it be presented? What key parameters is necessary to get an overview of the situation?


Eldor have experience from and can assist in, all types of HMI-projects both new and upgrades in various industries such as oil & gas, wind farm, and metal industries.

Human factors in engineering

We have successfully participated in inter-disciplinary teams, providing Human Factors expertise and input. Our Human Factors services:

  • Lead or participate in Human Factors activities
  • Perform Validation & Verification such as CRIOP or similar
  • Lead or participate in HMI and UX activities
  • Development of philosophies and/or specifications
  • Advisor to other disciplines


Methods and processes

Eldor uses a number of methods and tools in projects, which are basis for our products. Many of these can also be delivered as standalone services.


  • Situation analysis
  • Functional and Task analysis
  • Workload assessment and Job design
  • Roles and responsibility charts (RACI)
  • Communication analysis
  • Ergonomics assessment
  • Work environment analysis
  • 3D-modelling
  • Validation and Verification methods (e.g., CRIOP, HSE)
  • User research
  • Design thinking


Our methods are based on standards and guidelines such as ISO 11064, ISO 6385, ISO 9241-210, EEMUA 201 and IEC 62682 (alarm systems). We also have very good knowledge of relevant regulations and laws.

How we deliver

Eldor delivers projects according to our own delivery model which is ISO9001-2015 certified and also according to ISO11064.

Eldor has experience with different delivery models and will adapt to the needs of the customer. We can take on complete projects within our product line, offer counselling on small projects, or act as consultants and integrated members of the customer's project organisation.

Together with our partners we can provide a complete control centre design with delivery of tailor-made control desks and collaboration equipment.


A guide to Human Factors in engineering


Get our white paper on the Human Factors way to designing a control centre

This white paper discusses the challenges, opportunities, and benefits by integrating Human Factors in any kind and scale of a project.