Alarm System Improvement.

Click to download reference case: BP Skarv Alarm Upgrade Project


Point of contact:

Arvid Halrynjo, Eldor

Arvid Halrynjo

Project Manager

  • Project Manager
  • Team lead
  • Engineering lead
  • Alarm Management Practitioner (AMP)
  • Certified Project Manager – Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner

+47 411 77 237  or  arvid.halrynjo(a)

Arvid Halrynjo's background:

Arvid is currently working as Project Manager and Engineering lead for Eldor Alarm Management projects. He has worked in the Automation Industry for 23 years; The last 10 years Arvid has worked in the Oil and Gas industry at Eldor AS and ABB Oil and Gas, within: Project Management, Alarm Management. Programming, Offshore Commissioning and Security for Onshore Control Centre. Prior to this Arvid has worked 10 years with Building Automation as a System Engineer for TAC Building Systems (now Schneider Electric Building System). Arvid is also a certified electrical panel builder working for Forus Elektro Automatikk (now Elcor AS).

Control Room and Remote Operation.

Click to download reference case: Total E&P Martin Linge OOC and CCR

Click to download reference case: Det Norske, Ivar Aasen, Onshore Operation Center

Point of contact:

Per Oscar Knudsen.jpg

Per Oscar Knudsen

Sales and Project Manager

  • Project manager
  • Bid leader
  • Background from maintenance, modifications and operations (MMO) activities and business management in Cofely Fabricom, a company in the ENGIE group.

+47 982 03 610 or per-oscar.knudsen(a)

Per Oscar Knudsen's background:

Per Oscar is the sales and project manager at Eldor AS. Per Oscar holds experience working with business processes, which has given him great knowledge of the value chain in the Norwegian oil- and gas industry, as well as a strong commercial understanding.

Per Oscar's expertise includes organisation development, managing of MMO projects and corporate activities. This includes finance and administration experience work with MMO activities and implementation of new technology and related processes. Per Oscar has a university degree in Economics and Business Administration Shipping from University of Agder.

Control & Safety Systems

Click to download reference case: BP CASIS

Click to download reference case: BP Ula MP Upgrade

Click to download reference case: Aker BP Valhall Re-Development

Click to download reference case: VP Valhall Flanke, Upgrade ABB controller cabinet

Click to download reference case: COSL Pioneer 2 F&G Study

Click to download reference case: Elcor Safety Analysis Repport (SAR)

Click to download reference case: Equinor (Statoil) Tjeldbergoden ABB 800xA HMI Migration

Click to download reference case: ConocoPhillips Judy (JOMP)

Point of contact: 

Ola Guldbrandsen, Eldor

Ola Guldbrandsen

Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Client liaison
  • Bid leader
  • Sales management

+47 992 72 221 or ola.guldbrandsen(a)

Ola Guldbrandsen's background:

Ola is a commercial and relationship-oriented leader, and the sales and marketing manager at Eldor AS. His experience is mainly from management positions in different companies, including ABB AS and Otra Norge AS, and he started his career as a panel installer in electrical companies.

Ola's key qualifications include sales management, and operation of medium sales organisations and production companies within electrical panel building.

Telecom and Industrial IT

Click to download reference case: BP Valhall SAS Server Upgrade

Click to download reference case: ConocoPhillips NCP Greater Ekofisk and Eldfisk Development

Click to download reference case: ConocoPhillips Telecom design and Integration verification

Point of contact:


Torbjørn Rørtvedt

Lead Engineer, Integrated Operations

  • Client liaison
  • Lead engineer
  • Technology management and Telecommunication technology

 +47 928 36 707 or torbjorn.rortvedt(a)

Torbjørn Rørtvedt's background:

Torbjørn is a lead engineer at Eldor AS working with integrated operations. Torbjørn has been working in the oil- and gas industry in Norway since 2010 and he has experience from being a project manager in projects in this industry and working as a telecom technician.

Torbjørn has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Technology from a university college and is finishing an MBA in Technology Management from University of Norland.

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