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Grethe Tausvik

Grethe is a Human Factors and HMI specialist working in the Digitalisation department, which includes Remote and Integrated Operations. She has extensive experience from both offshore and onshore industries since 1986, with focus on Human Factors and HMI in control centers, including Alarm management and Large Screen Display systems. She also has experience from project and team management within her subject areas.

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Is it difficult to go from local to remote operation?

11.jun.2019 07:41:00 / by Grethe Tausvik posted in Control Room, Remote Operation


Many operators are looking into moving control from local facilities to more centralised operation centres, either as part of restructuring their operational strategy, as a result of a strategy, a change program or a drive to make their operation more efficient. When you are preparing the move from local to remote operation, there are plans and preparations needed to be made. These are related to organisation, technical solutions, the current state of the site, and the strategy that lies at the bottom.

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