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Eldor UK

Eldor at the InstMC Dinner 2022

Eldor UK had an excellent time at the Institute of Measurement of Control, North of Scotland Section Dinner 2022!

Control Room

Partnership with CDE and Kairos Technology

Eldor is happy to announce our partnership with CDE and Kairos Technology, which will enable our customers to increase production through an improved...

Alarm Improvement Project

Tilsyn fra PTIL på alarmsystemer

Etter tilsyn fra PTIL vil vi gjerne minne om våre tjenester innenfor alarmoptimalisering, samt vedlikehold av alarmsystem.


Blue Unit: Now an Eldor company

Eldor is pleased to announce that Blue Unit AS is now a company in the Eldor group! Blue Unit is a technology company focused on water quality...

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