Eldor announces new brand profile

Meet Eldor in new colours!

We are proud to announce our new brand profile! As some of you might have noticed, we have been updating our profile with new logos and colours lately. The changes with new logo (cut E) aims to symbolise common growth where the advanced offering and expertise of the Eldor Group will help achieving a comprehensive understanding of customers' operations, guaranteeing consistent and optimal production performance.


The Eldor Group mission is to empower our customers with expertise based on dependable data, actionable insight, and robust software tools. We are launching a brand new profile that embodies our commitment to innovation, expertise, and passion for better ways. Our new green colour symbolises innovation and a greener future within the energy industry and we have updated our Blue colour to a more vibrant variant to match our new profile, while still reflecting our core values. 


These changes are implemented following our somewhat recent acquisition of Blue Unit, and with the inclusion of bringing Kairos Technology back into the Group. With this, we are thrilled to unveil an exciting and fresh new look for our Group and the Eldor companies in Norway and the UK!

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