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Bernt is the Sales and Marketing director for Kairos Technology and the founder of the Eldor Group. Bernt has extensive experience with international project management and sales, specifically within the oil and gas industry. He is an offshore engineer graduate from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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What are the difficulties with using channel partners for control and safety systems?

06.aug.2020 14:45:00 / by Bernt Eldor posted in Channel partner, System integration


Before engaging in a strategy of using channel partners for control and safety systems, it is vital to understand possible difficulties and hurdles in order to find ways of mitigating these difficulties.

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How to support control and safety systems throughout their lifetime

09.jun.2020 09:23:35 / by Bernt Eldor posted in Lifetime extension, Channel partner


We know from experience that within the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical (OGP) business, control and safety systems play a vital part of the safe and effective operation of a plant. Over the years, this has resulted in a situation where OEMs almost have a monopoly for the sourcing of hardware and support services for supporting these vital and complex systems. However, there are alternative sourcing options for these control and safety systems.

Channel partners versus Original Equipment manufacturers - control and safety systems support
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Why do some Alarm Projects fail?

12.jul.2018 07:14:00 / by Bernt Eldor posted in Alarm Improvement Project


There are many factors to consider when analysing why some alarm improvement projects fail. For instance, some companies underestimate the time and people needed in order to have a successful project. What actions can you take in order to ensure success?

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The Cost of an Alarm in Process Control and Safety Systems

25.jun.2018 07:20:00 / by Bernt Eldor posted in Alarm Management


It is easy to understand that the consequence of not responding to a critical alarm may be incidents, accidents and potentially enormous costs. However, it is not that straight forward to understand that there  is a cost associated with any alarm. How can we quantify that cost?

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Welcome to DigiTales

25.jun.2018 07:15:00 / by Bernt Eldor


At Eldor, we strive to empower your team by delivering you industry leading knowledge and up-to-date research and tips which may be cruicial to achieving success in your business. We are proud to introduce you to Eldor's new blog: DigiTales. 

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- Upgrading Control and Safety Systems are always challenging. Eldor delivered this job on time and below budget with no impact to operation. Impressive!

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