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Ove Heitmann Hansen

Ove is the Managing Director of Eldor. He has extensive management experience from different industries, including 30 years of experience within change management, Integrated & Remote Operations, Stakeholder Management, and Improvement Processes. He has two Master degrees from Universities and leadership education from the Royal Norwegian Navy Academy.
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How can we define autonomous levels of operation in the O&G industry?

09.jul.2019 10:03:44 / by Ove Heitmann Hansen posted in Human Factors, Remote Operation


The vision for the future in the oil and gas industry is to develop installations that are unmanned, digitalised, fully automated, remotely overseen and monitored by humans. In this context, both topside and subsea infrastructure, including operation, drilling and well services, will support autonomous operations by using artificial intelligence, digitalisation, drones, and robots. All logistics on sea and interfaces to the field will cater to autonomous vessels, overseen and monitored remotely in centralised centres, which handles multiple assets and fields, in different locations.

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Why does your production site need an Alarm Philosophy?

24.jul.2018 07:05:00 / by Ove Heitmann Hansen posted in Alarm Philosophy, Alarm Management


The easy answer is: "Because it is a statutory requirement". An Alarm Philosophy has to follow specific standards, and in a court of law you could be held accountable for not applying the standards to your alarm system design. However, there is more than the legal aspect to it. The Alarm Philosophy exists for operational, safety, work environmental, design and behaviour reasons - and ultimately, cost effectiveness.

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- Upgrading Control and Safety Systems are always challenging. Eldor delivered this job on time and below budget with no impact to operation. Impressive!

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