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Our Alarm Management team has been working on Goliat in Hammerfest this week!

Eldor has been working on the Goliat alarm rationalisation pilot project in Hammerfest this week.

Monday 8th to Friday 12th of April, the Alarm Management department in Eldor  was in Hammerfest and did the first WS for the Goliat Alarm Rationalisation pilot project.


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The team had prepared the WS well and was able to finalize the planned systems (PSD-ESD & F&G) before schedule, and were then able to start up on the PCS systems.

The operators and System Experts were impressed and very active and participated throughout the workshop to get the Alarm priorities correct.

Eldor in Hammerfest, working on Goliat Alarm Rationalisation pilot projectEldor's alarm management department in Hammerfest


Hammerfest is a great place (when the weather is good…) but the next workshop with the Goliat team will be held in Stavanger during May.

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