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Eldor at the DHRTC Technology Conference 2018

12.11.18 15:55 / by Ida Eldor

This week Eldor is attending the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre Technology Conference 2018, in Copenhagen. The conference focuses on interaction and dialogue, mainly for opportunities within oil and gas recovery in the North Sea.


DHRTC Technology conference 2018 in Copenhagen


Today we've participated in the Poster sessions and tomorrow at 13.45, Bjarne André Asheim, managing director of Eldor Technology, will be speaking about “Industrial application of DHRTC research - A case story”. This presentation is about how we use research to develop a new software product, AlarmTracker. 

Kairos - Control Room Assistant, HAZOP assistant, Multilevel Flow Models, AlarmTracker

Topics: DTU, DHRTC

Ida Eldor

Written by Ida Eldor

Ida is a Marketing and Sales Consultant in the Eldor Group. Her previous experience includes writing blogs for businesses, content creation and design, website design for lead generation, inbound marketing and sales, in addition to administration, sales and customer service. She holds an MSc. in International Fashion Marketing from Heriot Watt University.

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