Eldor at Levetidskonferansen 2018!

NFEA conference for Lifetime Extension and how new trends will have effect on future technology requirements and driving upgrades.

This week NFEA's Levetidskonferansen 2018 was held at Eldor offices in Stavanger. We had the pleasure to listen to a lot of great presenters including a couple from Eldor. Jørund Sæten was representing AkerBP with his presentation on Lifetime Extension of Safety Systems on Valhall and Ula, while Torbjørn Rørtvedt and Gisle Ersdal where presenting better ways to optimise cost during life time extension projects. The conference ended with an interesting panel debate hosted by Managing Director of Eldor Technology, Bjarne André Asheim about on who will own lifecycle management going forward and how technology will impact the need for future upgrades.

Levetidsforlengelser or Lifetime extension in the oil and gas industry
Torbjørn Rørtvedt & Gisle Ersdal presenting at the conference


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