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New exida Alarm Practitioners in Eldor!

15.01.19 06:53 / by Arvid Halrynjo

We would like to announce that we have completed Alarm Management training by using the exida company, and that we have several new exida alarm practitioners (AMP) in Eldor. The courses from exida were developed to teach end users, integrators, suppliers, and regulators about the different standards applicable for alarm management, including ISA-18.2 and IEC 62682 and how you can apply them in real-life situations.


IMG_4926(1)From the left: Rune N. Andersen, Venkatesh Krishnan, Arvid Halrynjo & Tobias Tessem


Eldor's participants in this course that lead to the title exida Alarm Management Practitioner (AMP) were: Tobias Tessem, Venkatesh Krishnan, Rune N. Andersen and Arvid Halrynjo.

The feedback from the Eldor Alarm Management Practitioners is that the online training was a great success, with Todd Stauffer from exida as the instructor. We are also aiming for a new training session with exida this spring for even more Eldor employees.
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If you are interested in Alarm Management and would like to learn more about our expertise, please contact Anne Britt Aas (Dep. Manager Eldor for Alarm Management), or leave a comment below.


Topics: Alarm Management, AMP

Arvid Halrynjo

Written by Arvid Halrynjo

Arvid is the department manager for projects at Eldor AS. He has worked in the Automation Industry for over 20 years, the last 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry at Eldor AS and ABB Oil and Gas, within: Project Management, Alarm Management. Programming, Offshore Commissioning and Security for Onshore Control Centre.

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