Eldor at the ABB Channel Partner conference in Seville

Eldor attended the channel partner conference for ABB this year, hoping to strengthen our relationship.

This September, Eldor attended the annual ABB Channel Partner conference in Seville, Spain. Eldor is an ABB Authorized Value Provider for control systems. The conference was attended by Ove, Managing Director and Ola, Sales and Marketing Manager in Eldor. We can deliver the entire product portfolio of ABB Control and Safety products, which includes the shelf products, technical support, and projects covering ABB control systems such as 800xA, Advant, MasterPiece, Melody, Harmony, and more.


ABB channel partner conference in Seville, Spain

The message from ABB was very clear, they wants to support their partners to sell, install, and support their products in any market, world-wide. The conference gave us the opportunity to attend a large amount of lectures to understand and help our customer better. We hope that this conference will strengthen our partnership with ABB in the future, both in Norway and in the UK.

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