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Honeywell Cybersecurity Symposium

26.11.20 10:42 / by Ida Eldor

As Honeywell Channel Partners, Eldor is proud to invite our customers to join Honeywell's Cybersecurity Symposium from Nov. 30 - Dec. 03. 


Join OT cybersecurity thought leaders and experts from the Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity team, for daily webinars to learn about the latest topics on cybersecurity, best practices to improve your cyber resilience, and automated tools to improve cyber efficiency. Cybersecurity has never been more important in times of remote operations. Continue to increase your cybersecurity knowledge by learning from the experts in Industrial Cybersecurity.

Attend this symposium exclusively organized for customers by Honeywell on behalf of our partner network.

Industrial Cyber Security Honeywell 

Topics & Speakers: 


Current Threat Landscape and Latest Attacks
Speaker: Eric Knapp, Senior Fellow Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity


Top Actions to Undertake to Improve your Cybersecurity Resilience
Presenter: Subodh Singh & Edwin Wade, Honeywell Cybersecurity


Best Practices to Improve Cybersecurity at Your Site Through Automated Tools
Presenters: Anu Dickinson - Offering Manager & Mike Baldi – Principal Software Engineer, Honeywell Cybersecurity


9 Keys to Protect Yourself From the Number 2 Threat Facing the OT Environment
Presenters: Matt Wiseman, Global Leader, SMX Product Marketing, Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security


Each of the topics will be broadcasted live three times a day. Tune in at a time that is convenient for you and ask questions directly to the experts at the end of each session.

Register now:  Honeywell Cybersecurity Symposium

Ida Eldor

Written by Ida Eldor

Ida is a Marketing and Sales Consultant in the Eldor Group. Her previous experience includes writing blogs for businesses, content creation and design, website design for lead generation, inbound marketing and sales, in addition to administration, sales and customer service. She holds an MSc. in International Fashion Marketing from Heriot Watt University.

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