Levetidsstrategier 2018 by NFEA will be hosted at Eldor offices

This conference focuses on strategies to extend the lifetime of assets, both with a supplier and end-user perspective.


The conference "Levetidsstrategier 2018" by NFEA will be held at Eldor offices in Stavanger the 4th and 5th of December. "Lifetime extension strategies for automation systems - from sensors to the sky and back again." The conference will highlight the challenges when assessing the lifespan of an automation system in a historic and provident perspective, along with necessary strategies and decisions to be made.


The presentations will be held by both suppliers and end-users in order to get a thorough understanding of the issues, and provide learning and transfer of experiences. There are presenters from a lot of different companies, as well as a couple of presenters from Eldor, namely from Gisle Ersdal and Bjarne André Asheim. 


We hope to see you at the conference and that we will all learn a lot form our shared experiences! 

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