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13.10.20 09:45 / by Arvid Halrynjo

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In Eldor we have a long history optimising and maintaining Alarm systems Onshore and Offshore, using a variation of tools combined with our internal competence supporting our portfolio of customers. We also have service level agreements available for Honeywell DynAMo and lately, we've found that some of our customers want different levels of Alarm reporting to be able to take full advantage of their alarm system.

This is why we are now launching Alarm Services where we build reports on how your alarm system is performing. We analyse the report and come up with short and long term improvement suggestions on how to decrease the number of alarms. For our premium service, we have a service desk, and offer additional annual system performance documentation. 

You can learn more about our Alarm Service offer in the brochure below: Alarm dervices, alarm maintenance, alarm improvement project, alarm management

Topics: Alarm Management, Alarm Improvement Project

Arvid Halrynjo

Written by Arvid Halrynjo

Arvid is the department manager for projects at Eldor AS. He has worked in the Automation Industry for over 20 years, the last 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry at Eldor AS and ABB Oil and Gas, within: Project Management, Alarm Management. Programming, Offshore Commissioning and Security for Onshore Control Centre.

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