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Eldor is hosting the "Alarmhåndtering og kontrollromsløsninger 2019" conference by NFEA

19.03.19 07:53 / by Ida Eldor

In April we will be hosting a conference on alarm handling and control room solutions for NFEA. This year's conference will provide an awareness around isses with the design process of control rooms and alarm systems. It will utilise current standards and best practises, as well as user experiences. Presentations will be held by industry people from both land based and offshore production, and the program will cover:

  • Government regulations/standards
  • Projects
  • Solutions for control rooms

NFEA alarmcontrol

Eldor will have some guest speakers, and Asbjørn Ueland from PTIL will be there to talk about experiences from alarm systems in control rooms. Another highlight is the visit to the onshore control room of Martin Linge in Dusavik. Join us from 3.-4. of April! Sign up here.


Topics: Alarm Management, Digitalisation, Alarm Improvement Project, Control Room

Ida Eldor

Written by Ida Eldor

Ida is a Marketing and Sales Consultant in the Eldor Group. Her previous experience includes writing blogs for businesses, content creation and design, website design for lead generation, inbound marketing and sales, in addition to administration, sales and customer service. She holds an MSc. in International Fashion Marketing from Heriot Watt University.

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