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Great start for Eldor in 2021!

11.03.21 10:17 / by Ola Guldbrandsen

It is with great joy Eldor can look back at the first two months of 2021 and an amount in new orders that almost exceeds all of 2020 in Norway, and is well over budget in both of the markets where we are operating. 

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We have received multiple large orders, where the most prominent business areas in Norway are alarm management and digitalisation. Lifetime extension with control systems upgrade and services is the most prominent in the UK. This means that we are using our resources within all the different areas and we also see opportunities to expand and hire more employees, especially with experience within control systems and digitalisation, in order to meet the activity in the markets. 


We are winning more and more service- and maintenance-contracts, which is providing us with more predictability and long-term work. Also, over the past year we have been developing process optimisation as a product to help our customers, in cooperation with our partner Control Station.


We have received new and exciting work through our alliance partner PSS, showing us in Eldor just how important this cooperation is. Having a partner like PSS is something we are very grateful for, as it helps us make important connections and get more business opportunities we would not have gotten by ourselves. 


We can see that there is a positive trend in the market with increasing amounts of requests. and we have recently made offers for large contracts, which has employed and kept the sales departments both in the UK and in Norway quite busy. Let us know if you need any help on an upcoming project! New call-to-action

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Ola Guldbrandsen

Written by Ola Guldbrandsen

Ola is sales and marketing manager at Eldor. His previous background is management positions in ABB and Otra. Ola's key qualifications include sales management and production companies within electrical panel building.

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