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Sikkerhetssystemkonferansen 2018 by NFEA

Control and safety systems are used in different industries. This conference by NFEA will gather people of different industries, mainly oil and gas, transportation and land-based industries, to exchange new ideas and experiences from projects to operation.


This week, NFEA will be hosting "Sikkerhetssystemkonferansen 2018", where key people of different industries, mainly oil and gas, land-based industry and transportation, will come together to share news and experiences about safety systems. The conference is an important area where one can share experiences within everything from project start to operation. 


The main themes for this year's conference are:

  • Risk management in Norwegian industry - what does it look like?
  • Digitalisation - what does this mean for design, testing and operation of safety systems?
  • Experiences from different industries - what can we learn from each other?
  • Modernisation of existing assets - how do we best solve this?

Bernt Eldor will be one of the guest speakers. His presentation is on Friday 9th of November at 13:10 and is about the use of a test robot to increase quality and reduce cost when testing safety systems. Test robots will reduce the cost of testing and increase the quality of the testing of safety systems. A good example of how digitalisation can be useful while modernising old and obsolete safety systems.

The tools are based on The Process Safety Management Suite (PSMS), a range of software packages designed to assist in the lifecycle management of Safety Instrumented Systems designed  and developed by Process Safety Solutions, an Eldor alliance partner.

Process Safety Solutions software for simplifying safety

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