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How can we set up remote connections for industrial systems?

It is more important than ever that our remote connections are secure, especially industrial systems. Learn how Eldor can help you with setting this up.

We are currently experiencing the pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus. A result is that we have  changed the way we do our day-to-day jobs, with many people working from home. Travel restrictions worldwide also prevents experts to travel to site. Today we have the technology to work remotely. However, before we set up our remote offices, we need to make sure that the connections we establish are safe and reliable. Therefore you need to do some considerations:

  • Can you let your supplier(s) work remotely on your systems? 
  • Do your employees need to access certain systems from home?
  • Is there even an opportunity to do remote work from different locations? (Redundancy)

creating secure conditional remote access for industrial systems


Who can work remotely on your systems?

Not everyone is or should be allowed to work remotely on your systems. However, in times like these you might need to re-think who and how. You might need to let a supplier do service work remotely to avoid risking the virus to spread. If so, you need to ensure that you have a secure remote connection to your system and that it is stable and reliable.  


What conditions do you need to establish a remote solution/complete remote work?

There are a few things that are completely necessary to enable remote work. These include: 

  • Stable infrastructure with capacity. 
  • Solution for secure connections. 
  • Defined work processes for remote work. 


What can Eldor offer? 

We offer a solution for secure connections where we can can supply the necessary installation and infrastructure. We can design work processes and “work permit systems” with controlled access. We can also identify systems and the type of connections needed. 

Should you start planning for the next crisis now or prepare for a more remote workplace? What about a future solution that can ensure some redundancy?

If you want to learn more about how Eldor can make this stressful time easier for you or how you can be better prepared in the future, please contact us! 

Securing remote access with Eldor and Honeywell

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