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ICSS Modification works for the Vorlich topsides facilities

21.05.19 07:04 / by Ove Heitmann Hansen

Eldor is very pleased to announce that Worley has awarded Eldor UK the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) modifications contract for the Ithaca Energy UK Vorlich Field. The Vorlich Field is being brought to production as a subsea tie-back to the Floating Production Facility FPF-1. The FPF-1 is currently used to process and export hydrocarbons from the Greater Stella Area.


FPF-1 located in Greater Stella Area. (Floating production facility)

FPF-1 asset, located in the Greater Stella Area


This project will be run from the Eldor UK office in Aberdeen by Carl Townsend (Eldor UK Operations Manager) & assisted by Ian Bowden (Eldor Service Support Manager). Carl and Ian have extensive experience with ICSS modification projects and are some of the leading experts within the ABB portfolio of Control & Safety products.

Eldor is looking forward to cooperating with Worley and Petrofac on this project and hopefully on more projects in the future.

Topics: Safety systems, Petrofac, Worley, Eldor UK

Ove Heitmann Hansen

Written by Ove Heitmann Hansen

Ove is the Managing Director of Eldor. He has extensive management experience from different industries, including 30 years of experience within change management, Integrated & Remote Operations, Stakeholder Management, and Improvement Processes. He has two Master degrees from Universities and leadership education from the Royal Norwegian Navy Academy.

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