Alarm Management

Increase your efficiency with a best-in-class alarm system

Reduce your alarm rates and increase safety at your asset with Eldor alarm services at a monthly license cost.

The safety and integrity of offshore facilities heavily rely on the optimal performance of your alarm system. Control room operators face a growing challenge with the overwhelming amount of information they have to handle.

Excessive alarms have not only caused major incidents but also exacerbated them. In accordance with the EEMUA guidelines and safety authorities' requirements, it is imperative to continuously maintain alarm systems to ensure the safety of operations.


One key performance metric is the rate at which alarms are presented to the operator. In order to provide adequate time to respond effectively, an operator should be presented with no more than one to two alarms every ten minutes, with four or five per minute perhaps acceptable for very short periods.


In Eldor, our mission is to make Alarm Management easier, faster, and more successful. We understand the challenges of having too many standing alarms, and how to most efficiently deal with hiding and shelving alarms.


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How can we help?

Eldor's alarm experts can identify inefficiencies in the alarms and ensure continuous maintenance. We are offering two "packages" to help you improve your alarm system and ensure continuous alarm system maintenance at a monthly license cost, one for standing alarms and one for alarm optimisation.


Why would you outsource this to Eldor instead of doing it yourself?

Keeping your alarm system tidy, efficient and updated over time can be challenging as the work normally does not require (or allow for) a full-time position. By outsourcing alarm services, you will enable your staff minimise time spent on the alarm maintenance work. At the same time, Eldor will share alarm management knowhow in the frequent dialog with your own alarm experts and the control room operators.


Why a monthly license?Monthly alarm service licence

What is included in the monthly license cost?

With our monthly license, you will get continuous monitoring of  the alarm system by certified alarm management practitioners. We will provide KPIs and report the status of the system. Any issues are identified and solutions for how to proceed will be provided. Status meetings will be set up based on your requirements and needs, and meetings will be conducted for larger issues.


What are the benefits of the service?

1. Standing alarm services

  • Reduce your standing alarms with up to 60% within 6 months
  • Continuous access to certified alarm management practitioners
  • Save time for your own staff
  • Ensure that your production process runs smoothly
  • Outsource tidy maintenance work on Standing Alarms
  • Alarm expert work in integrated Team
  • Your Alarm System is always being updated according to applicable regulations
  • Main methods, context and hiding, shelving and remove

2. Alarm optimisation services

  • Continuous access to certified alarm management practitioners
  • Reduce alarm system degradation after improvement project
  • Ensure that the alarm texts are understandable and offer the "correct” help
  • Avoid minor process disturbances or routine operations producing a large number of alarms, some even with no actions required
  • Ensure that your MoC process takes your alarm philosophy into account
  • Ensure continuous alarm maintenance


Contact us for more information about your preferred Alarm Service package, from only 97 000 NOK/month.

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