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Eldor is now a Certified Control Station Partner

16.06.21 14:17 / by Ida Eldor posted in Process optimisation


Last year Eldor established its process optimisation service and started offering help to our customers with process and tuning-related issues. Over the past year, Eldor has been working on further developing the service and increasing the number of solutions Eldor can provide. As part of further developing the service, Eldor has gone into a partnership with Control Station to sell and service their software PlantESP. With this partnership, Control Station provides extensive training on their software to enable Eldor to become superusers and service the software. The programme addresses growing market demand for process optimisation solutions that combine best-in-class analytics technologies and world-class engineering services.

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Eldor's new efforts in Process Optimisation

22.05.20 08:07 / by Dani Espevik posted in Process optimisation


In Eldor, we are trying to adapt to an ever-changing market. These past months with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the sudden drop in the oil price, have shown us how quickly things can change. In order to be able to meet these changes and overcome them, we have started implementing some new strategies in Eldor. 

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