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Eldor UK

Eldor at the InstMC Dinner 2022

Eldor UK had an excellent time at the Institute of Measurement of Control, North of Scotland Section Dinner 2022!

Control Room

Partnership with CDE and Kairos Technology

Eldor is happy to announce our partnership with CDE and Kairos Technology, which will enable our customers to increase production through an improved...

Alarm Improvement Project

Tilsyn fra PTIL på alarmsystemer

Etter tilsyn fra PTIL vil vi gjerne minne om våre tjenester innenfor alarmoptimalisering, samt vedlikehold av alarmsystem.


Blue Unit: Now an Eldor company

Eldor is pleased to announce that Blue Unit AS is now a company in the Eldor group! Blue Unit is a technology company focused on water quality...


Great start for Eldor in 2021!

New orders are coming in, we are strengthening our team with new employees, and getting more long-term work with service and maintenance contracts!

Happy New Year from Eldor!

Eldor wishes everyone a Happy New Year! We want to encourage you to contact us if there is anything you need or if you just want to chat.

This year in Eldor

We are rounding up for Christmas by looking back at this year in Eldor. Wishing you all a great and safe 2021!

Honeywell Cybersecurity Symposium

Eldor invited our customers to Honeywell's Cybersecurity Symposium, where they will present best practises and latest news within cyber resilience!

Alarm Management

New Alarm Services from Eldor

We are launching Alarm Services where we build reports on how your alarm system is performing, and come up with short and long term improvement...

Process optimisation

Eldor's new efforts in Process Optimisation

Eldor has a new service; Process Optimisation. As part of establishing the new service, Eldor attended a 2-day course where we focused on PID tuning.


Eldor during Covid-19 outbreak

Eldor is fully operational. We in Eldor are here to take care of your needs as a customer and the services you have ordered, in the best way possible.


Happy new year from Eldor!

We in Eldor are looking forward to a new year with all the possibilities it brings!

Did you know...?

Did you know...?

Did you know that Eldor has service level agreements with a few different companies? Both for ABB control system and Honeywell DynAMo?


New DHRTC annual report for 2018

DHRTC has released their annual report, highlighting the research and results from 2018, including the AlarmTracker project, among others.


Kairos Pilot Ongoing Testing

Kairos - Control Room Assistant is now undergoing pilot testing with live data from two production platforms offshore UK and DK.


Eldor first quarter 2019

Eldor is increasing capacity and initiative in the UK. New employees added in key positions both in Stavanger, Oslo, and Aberdeen.

Alarm Management

New exida Alarm Practitioners in Eldor!

Several participants from Eldor have completed Alarm Management training with exida and obtained the title of exida Alarm Practitioners (AMP)!


Eldor at Levetidskonferansen 2018!

NFEA conference for Lifetime Extension and how new trends will have effect on future technology requirements and driving upgrades.

Eldor Technology

Eldor invests in Denmark!

Eldor Technology is expanding their business, and has established a new start-up company in Denmark, Eldor Technology Aps!

Safety systems

Sikkerhetssystemkonferansen 2018 by NFEA

Control and safety systems are used in different industries. This conference by NFEA will gather people of different industries, mainly oil and gas,...


Eldor ONS 2018 week and NorTex workshop

Data Integration Workshop with focus on artificial intelligence, digitalisation, opportunities for leveraging data assets, and more.


ABB Authorized value provider

Eldor AS is the first Authorized Value Provider partner for control technologies in Norway.

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