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Do I need an alarm management system?

14.nov.2018 07:03:00 / by Arvid Halrynjo posted in Alarm Management, Alarm Improvement Project


The quick answer is yes, because it can help prevent accidents and loss in production. It ensures a maintained alarm system, which is more cost efficient than having larger alarm rationalisation projects at irregular intervals. For new projects and modifications, the alarm philosophy is the basis for the changes, so this should be in place in order to have an optimal alarm system. 

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What is the cost of an Alarm Improvement Project?

07.aug.2018 07:10:00 / by Ola Guldbrandsen posted in Alarm Improvement Project



There are a lot of different factors you would need to consider before starting an alarm project, which will all have an impact on the project cost. Therefore, it is interesting to estimate the actual cost of an alarm system improvement project.

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Why do some Alarm Projects fail?

12.jul.2018 07:14:00 / by Bernt Eldor posted in Alarm Improvement Project


There are many factors to consider when analysing why some alarm improvement projects fail. For instance, some companies underestimate the time and people needed in order to have a successful project. What actions can you take in order to ensure success?

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