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What are the industry trends in cyber security?

Digitalisation has increased the need for cyber security awareness in the past few years. How are the trends linked to the threats and what we can do...

Remote Operation

Do I have a cyber security problem?

Do you know what will happen to your installation if you face a cyber attack? Are you sure you will notice if your company has been attacked?

Lifetime extension

What is the cost of process optimisation?

Understanding why we should invest in proper process control starts with understanding the costs of not having an optimised process control system.

Process optimisation

Do I have a problem with my control system?

Detecting problems with the control system is the first step to fixing them. Click here to learn which indicators and problems to look out for!

Alarm Management

Do I need an alarm management system?

An alarm management system can help prevent accidents and loss in production. It ensures a maintained alarm system, which is more cost efficient than...

Alarm Management

Do I have an alarm problem?

How do you know if you have an alarm problem? This blog includes some descriptions of indicators of an alarm problem, and what you can do if you are...

Alarm Improvement Project

What is the cost of an Alarm Improvement Project?

Alarms going off in any production facility represent considerable operational costs. In fact, there is a cost associated with any alarm. We also...

Alarm Improvement Project

Why do some Alarm Projects fail?

There are many factors that can determine why an alarm project fails. Setting up and running these projects is a skill that is built on experience...


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