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How can we define autonomous levels of operation in the O&G industry?

09.jul.2019 10:03:44 / by Ove Heitmann Hansen posted in Human Factors, Remote Operation


The vision for the future in the oil and gas industry is to develop installations that are unmanned, digitalised, fully automated, remotely overseen and monitored by humans. In this context, both topside and subsea infrastructure, including operation, drilling and well services, will support autonomous operations by using artificial intelligence, digitalisation, drones, and robots. All logistics on sea and interfaces to the field will cater to autonomous vessels, overseen and monitored remotely in centralised centres, which handles multiple assets and fields, in different locations.

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Is it difficult to go from local to remote operation?

11.jun.2019 07:41:00 / by Grethe Tausvik posted in Control Room, Remote Operation


Many operators are looking into moving control from local facilities to more centralised operation centres, either as part of restructuring their operational strategy, as a result of a strategy, a change program or a drive to make their operation more efficient. When you are preparing the move from local to remote operation, there are plans and preparations needed to be made. These are related to organisation, technical solutions, the current state of the site, and the strategy that lies at the bottom.

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Is the way we work in the Norwegian oil and gas industry outdated?

29.mai.2019 06:58:00 / by Torbjørn Rørtvedt posted in Digitalisation, Human Factors, Remote Operation


Currently, there is a trend for improvement and change programmes in the Norwegian oil and gas industry and the level of ambition to improve the way we operate is at an all-time high. Some companies put hundreds of millions, even up to billions of NOK, into development programs, digital roadmaps, digital transformation targets and so forth, but are we able to take these developments into good use?

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Will the Norwegian oil and gas industry be sustainable in the future?

13.mai.2019 07:53:00 / by Torbjørn Rørtvedt posted in Digitalisation, Control Room, Remote Operation, Control Centre


There’s been a development in the oil and gas industry over the past years, especially since the huge drop in oil price back in 2014. Previously, the earnings were so high that the way of operating and the way of specifying the facilities and running the projects, was completed without a lot of focus on cost-efficient solutions. The drop in oil price changed this, and now, lean/agile/digitalisation methods are high on the agenda to achieve a more cost-effective and optimised business.

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