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What is the cost of process optimisation?

12.jan.2021 09:25:40 / by Ida Eldor posted in Lifetime extension, Process optimisation


Understanding why we should invest in proper process control starts with understanding the costs of not having an optimised process control system. Process control is currently underused in most industries, potentially because the benefits of optimising the process is unknown, or we are unaware of the potential added costs an unoptimised process can lead to.

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How to take full advantage of your control system

08.des.2020 08:57:00 / by Dani Espevik posted in Safety systems, Process optimisation


The objectives of an automatic control system are to regulate the process to meet the final product specifications and minimise waste production and energy consumption, hence lowering the environmental impact of the process and maximising the production rate, while ensuring safe operation. Because operating as close as possible to these maximum or minimum objectives are most profitable.

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Do I have a problem with my control system?

24.nov.2020 08:53:00 / by Dani Espevik posted in Process optimisation


We all know how a small, trivial thing can escalate and turn into a big problem. A tiny decimal point can make all the difference. Consequently, it’s important to know what can go wrong if even a small variable is set incorrectly, and of course how to detect if there are any potential problems that can develop within our control system.

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- Upgrading Control and Safety Systems are always challenging. Eldor delivered this job on time and below budget with no impact to operation. Impressive!

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